Survey for “eBeijing into Campus”
To better provide with information services and familiarize with the culture experience of Beijing,  eBeijing is conducting 
an online survey to collect opinions from international students' studying,  living and traveling in Beijing. Please make 
your decisions for each of the following questions  by either marking a tick (√) or writing out your answer. We are highly 
appreciative of your help  in this online questionnaire.

  • 1、
    1.Do you know the website -
  • 2、
    2. How often do you browse a government website?
  • 3、
    3.What would you like to see on our website when you want to study in Beijing?  (Multiple Choice)
  • 4、
    4.Which websites do you visit regular to get information about life in Beijing?  (Multiple Choice)
  • 5、
    5.How often do you use WeChat?
  • 6、
    6.Would you be interested in receiving important government information in WeChat? 
  • 7、
    7.If you use WeChat, what subscriptions are you using, e.g. Chinadaily?
  • 8、
    8.Do you have any suggestions/ comments for
  • 9.We will have some culture activities, welcome to join us, please leave information by which we can contact you. 

  • 10、
  • 11、
  • 12、
  • 13、
    Tel/Email/WeChat ID:
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